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Product: Q series

Q: How to control the Q via a Reaktor ensemble and Cubase SX? -> Q Ti ;-)

A: To use you will need at least Reaktor 5 and Cubase SX 3.1 (and a Q obviously)
Load Reaktor as a VSTi and load up the Q TI.ens file below.

To use the file you will need two tracks in SX both midi outputs set to your Q.
Set the midi in on one track to your usual controller keyboard or just choose all inputs.
On the other track select Reaktor as the midi input.
Arm both tracks and your away.
You can use all 16 midi channels using the same .ens but be careful when using snapshots as you may find yourself changing things inadvertently that you have not adjusted. I will try to work out a better way of multi channel use.



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Product: MW I series
Product: MW II / XT series

Q: How to repair a non working big red encoder?

A: Open the MW (unplug the mains!!!) and carefully open the encoder housing by gently bend the four metal brackets that hold it together a little bit.

Once open, clean the encoder's inside. You may use Q-tips (not the Waldorf Q tips & tricks), and some alcohol to do so. Maybe greese the axis a little bit.

Assemble everything together and gently bend the encoder metal brackets back in place. Shut the MW and you are done.


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