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AFB-16 AFB-16
Q: Reduced audio quality due to D/A and A/D conversion?

A: Wolfram Franke (Waldorf Software Engineer): Someone asked if the conversion would affect the audio signal quality. Short answer: just listen to the Q+.    ^ 
Q: Why are there no Analog In/Out, digital In/Out etc.

A: Wolfram Franke (Waldorf Software Engineer):
There are a number of reasons why we didn't put any analog or digital ins or outs to the AFB:
The AFB itself is just a black box. It doesn't generate LFOs or envelopes but waits for CV adjustments that it receives from the calling process. Therefore it wouldn't make sense to feed the AFB with audio material without sending modulation values to it from the caller.
Modern synthesizers normally don't feature individual outputs per voice. The Andromeda might be an exception (which I don't know) but it would be only one among thousands of others that don't have this feature.
Furthermore, your synthesizer would need separate audio inputs to route the filtered signals through the voice's VCAs and effect processors. A filter must be routed **before** any volume shaping to be recognized as a "synth filter", otherwise you would get problems with non-linearities (that are quite heavy in analog circuitries).
And finally the synthesizer would have to generate control signals for each voice separately and transmit those e.g. over MIDI to the AFB. I don't know a synth that transmits its LFOs, envelopes etc. over MIDI, and especially separately per voice. Do you? And if, do you have it and who else has it?    ^ 
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